ATHENS VIDEO DANCE PROJECT reaches 12 years of continuous presence in the field of dance, cinema and multimedia. The Festival will take place on December 20-22, 2021 at the cinema Trianon (20-22 December) and the theatre Olvio (20 December) in Athens. After a year of online screenings and activities, AVDP team is pleased to organize the festival again live in 2021!

    Τhe program moves in two main axes: the AVDP12_trianon and the AVDP12_olvio.

    The AVDP12_trianon presents 117 videodance works, dance movies, and documentaries from 36 countries, orchestrating a creative platform of innovative works and highlighting synergies between different art disciplines.Apart from the screenings, AVDP hosts two dance performances of Petrina Giannakou and Julyen Hamilton & Maria Pisiou. Also, in continuation of the international collaborations of AVDP with international dance film festivals, films are presented from POOL Internationales TanzFilmFestival Berlin, Lago Film Festival, Festival Quartiers Danses, CINEDANS, MoovyTanzfilmfestival and FilmsDance.

    AVDP12_trianon will  take place from December 20-22 at the cinema  Trianon.

    AVDP12_olvio will present the educational program of AVDP12 with dance performances from young artists, students of Professional Dance Schools (KINITIRAS Youth, Niki Kontaxaki-Nikoleta Bakali, Aktina, Rallou Manou, Mari Chatzimichali). 

    AVDP12_olvio  will take place on December 20, 2021 at  Olvio theater.

    In addition, two workshops will be given by Ioannis Karounis (PERFORMANCE_lab) about performance art in public space and Sarah Möller from POOL Internationales Tanz  Film  Festival  Berlin  aboutvideodance  (online)


    AVDP12_trianon: Cinema Trianon, Kodrigktonos 21 & Patision 101 (Victoria Station)

    AVDP12_olvio: Olvio Theater, Iera Odos 67 & Falaisias 7, Votanikos


    AVDP12_trianon: 20, 21, 22 December 

    AVDP12_olvio: 20 December 


    AVDP12_trianon: 7 EUR (box office at the cinema)

    AVDP12_olvio: (entrance pass with pre-booking)


    Our field of activity involves educational and artistic programs, training courses and workshops, videodance screenings, videodance and performing art productions and collaborative, networking projects in a local and international level.

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    The 12th International Dance Film Festival - Athens Video Dance Project is funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports

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